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My GR sheds so much

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Hi, guys!!!

I have a 1-year-old Golden Retriever who sheds so much. I brush her every morning and vacuums in the evening but every time I wake up, there's just so much on the bed and these past few weeks my allergies are getting worse. My eyes are irritated and red when I wake up but I don't want her not to sleep beside me.

Her diet is chicken and liver with dry kibbles dog food. She also snacks on apples and pumpkin. Her shampoo is an organic one.

Can you help me with my issue, pleasseeeee fur parents. Thank you so much!
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At a year old. she could be going through a coat change as her adult coat comes in. Or it could be seasonal shedding. It might seem counterintuitive, but don't bathe her very often. Instead, brush and comb her several days a week, making sure that you are getting down to her skin, to help pull out al the dead hairs. .

Or she could just be a dog that sheds a lot. I'm amazed that my Germans Shepherd has any hair left, she sheds so much.
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