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It's hard to tell without a good side view photo, but your puppy looks pretty good to me.
I agree with the others, stop the human vitamins and milk. A good quality food is enough. I'd also stick to a schedule, not random 3 or 4 times a day.
I'd also really watch for weight gain in the next few months. As puppies slow down their growth, you can cut back their food a bit. My puppy is right at that stage. His growth has slowed down, and he's started to get a little heavy, so I've had to back off his food a little.
You will find that a LOT of people will call dogs skinny, when in fact they are at a good weight.
A few years ago, my vet told me that my dog was at an okay weight (71) but shouldn't gain any more. I said I'd prefer her to be at 68. The vet was very happy to hear that.
My sisters are always telling me that my dogs are skinny. Hers are FAT, couch potatoes. Mine are lean, agility dogs.
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