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My girl Shema

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I was told Shema is a 12 week old German Shepherd/ Rottweiler mix. Although IMO, I don't see any Rotti in her. Though I don't think she is pure shepherd either, she seems to be on the smaller side for a 12 week old shepherd.

I could only get a couple pics for now, she is very much a wiggle worm lol.

Those ears are something else :laugh:
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Took Shema to get shots today. Got her weighed she is 17 lbs. They also said she was 2 months and 25 days, so just shy of the 12 weeks i was told. She is doing awesome. Already knows sit, and doing well with potty training ?


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Took Shema to a grass field today. She loved it :)
Got a few good pictures of her.

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A little update on her training. Seems to be going good! She has learned "wait" and almost perfected "down"
She has also learned "calm" When it's time to get her from the kennel, she gets super excited trying to paw the door open etc.., I've been telling her "calm" to settle her down before opening it. Now when I tell her "calm" she sits and waits to be let out :)
So its been rainy here in TX and I wasn't sure how Shema would take it. But I don't think I have much to worry about, she likes playing in the puddles and sitting in the rain lol
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3 months old today :)

She is a handful, but doing great!

Not much progress in training, I'm having some difficulties, but working on trying to get her into puppy classes.

It's a ruff life being a puppy lol

Also Shema with her new favorite rope toy :)
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Why are the images so big??

I've use the same set up on my phone and used Imgur to share here and they are WAY bigger than the others:crazy:
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