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Here are Bernie, our GSD and his partner in crime, Pohm.
Bernie's parents are both working sheep dogs on 500 acres. He is a very active, high drive dog that is AWESOME to work alongside now 3 1/2 years, and just about calming down a little now lol.

And Pohm, our Rottie x Dogue de bordeaux who is 8 months old, cute as a button and has Bernie and the family wound around her paw.

All of Pohm's training, i give Bernie full credit for. He taught her where to pee. Not to chase the ducks/geese etc To be quiet, to play tug of war, not to chew our things, how fetching a ball is THE BEST, and how to please us by doing weird stuff, like sitting, dropping, and coming.
Seriously! Bernie did this for us.
We just backed him up.

They play together lots. They are badly mismatched energy wise. Pohm is a couch potatoe stuck in a active dogs life poor thing!
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