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My first puppy ever

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I wonder how much the dog is feeding off of you?

It would be appropriate to greet your pup (a reward) for calm behavior. If you can resist feeling like you’re the bad person and be conscious of this, 1) you’ll be more open to waiting for calm behavior and 2) you may get more calm behavior when you come home. So, grab a book and sit to read and wait for a moment of silence before letting your dog out. It won’t be perfect, and it may get worse before it gets better, but you have to try to get calm behavior and waiting for it is one way to do that.
This is excellent advice and works well. I ignore all my dogs when I first come home until they are calm. The older ones will walk to the door to greet me, only sign of excitement is tails wagging, no jumping or hyper behavior. I will pat them on the head and move on.

Kongs are wonderful, they keep the pup busy and like it was said before, gives a positive reason for being crated. Personally, I keep my pups crated when we are home unless they are leashed to me. This way I can observe the pup at all times when they are out. Helps with walking on the leash too! "Free time" is a reward for going potty outside. My dogs (when pups) could not have free time unless they went potty outside, then it was play time! Then back outside because pups pee after they play.

There are alot of great books on puppies. And remember emotions travel down the leash!

Your pup is young yet, there will be accidents and its a long road. Just about the time you say to yourself "Wow, by george I think I have finally got the dog potty trained" the dog will have an accident because your guard is let down.

Make yourself a chart and put it by the door. Write down what time you feed/water your dog and what times you take it outside and what it does (pee/poop/nothing). If you have done alot of research you will know when a pup usually has to go. Then after a week or two you will be able to look back and see the pup goes x amount of minutes after food and x amount of minutes after water etc. Schedules are important for potty training!

Hope this helps and good luck with your dog.
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If you ever catch him in the act..do NOT scold him. Scoop him up and take him outside, then crate him for a minute with a goodie while you clean up the mess with a good enzymatic cleaner and then move on. It's not his mistake, it's the owner's.
I would like to ask a question about this statement. And please don't take offense to this as I am trying to think how to word this. I was taught (many many moons ago) from a behaviorist that if you catch the dog in the act to mark the behavior with a No and go outside right that second. Would this be considered scolding? I was taught differently but am always open to new ways of training and would like for you to explain a little further if you could. Thanks for your time.

It does! Thank you so much. I was thinking to myself, "oh crap, have I been doing something wrong all these years...lol" As I am sure you know there are many different trainers and many different beliefs about dog training, I try to do what is best for my dogs or the dogs I help train. I am always trying to find better ways to handle situations. Thanks for your time

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