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My first puppy ever

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The biggest mistake new puppy owners make is giving too much freedom to soon, the second one being teaching that the crate means you are leaving.
And no, socialization does not mean only to other 'creatures'. Puppy socialization includes people, dogs, cats AND traffic, types of flooring/strata, noises, places, smells, the vet, handling, the crate etc etc.

For the crate issue, feeding your dog in the crate and using it for the times when you cannot be actively supervising the pup, including at night (put the crate next to your bed) will help for him to understand it is not a signal that they are to be left alone for the next several hours. Always make sure he has a chewy or kong (like suggested before) and leaving the crate open at other times so he can come and go..playing crate games is helpful as well. Teaching him to go in on cue (not forcing) by initially luring him in with goodies and then having him come back to you..eventually just doing it on cue, rewarding him and gradually working up to closing the door etc. His crate should be a good place to go..special treats ONLY happen in the crate!

This will also help with the housetraining. If you cannot be actively watching him he should be in his crate. If you want him out, he should be in a small, dogproofed area like gated in the kitchen for supervised play. You can also tie his leash to your waist so he's always close by and you can anticipate his need to go out (this also helps teach him leash manners..BONUS!). Keep a chart (as suggested before) so you can learn how his "body schedule" relates to his feeding and play/training schedule. When in doubt take him out (not LET HIM OUT), take him out...on leash. Wait until he is in "mid stream" or full squat and use your potty cue. Reward him then and there. For a reward to be useful it must be given within 1-2 seconds of the behaviour you are rewarding. Timing is everything.

And yes, six hours at his age is far too long. He needs to go out/urinate every couple of hours. He is physically incapable of this and it will set you back in training. Maybe a neighbour coming in to let him out? a Dogwalker (many do puppy quick visits) or going home at lunch time to let him out? If not, then an xpen with a puppy pad (as much as I personally don't use or recommend them) is the best bet...it is extremely stressful for a puppy to be trying to learn to be housebroken (especially if he knows he may be scolded) that simply CANNOT hold it that long. It's setting him up to fail, when you want to be able to set him up to succeed.

If you ever catch him in the act..do NOT scold him. Scoop him up and take him outside, then crate him for a minute with a goodie while you clean up the mess with a good enzymatic cleaner and then move on. It's not his mistake, it's the owner's.

Start puppy classes asap. Find a good positive training class. Pick up some good books:
Dr. Ian Dunbar's "Before and AFter Getting your Puppy"
Paul Owens' "The Puppy Whisperer"

If you get started on the right foot and are prepared for the normal behaviours of puppies (chewing, jumping, barking, etc) until they are at least a year old you are both going to succeed, have less stress and have a great adult dog.
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No offense taken. I can handle it..lol.
To answer your question..a quick no or Ack or whatever is not meant to be a scolding, it is meant to startle the pup/dog..which can cause the sphincter muscles to "seize" and stop the "output"..making it less likely that the dog will continue to pee on you while you scoop her up and take her outside.
A scolding is continuous and punitive..like yelling, or spanking or pushing doggy's nose in the mess etc.
Reasonable "correction" is not a bad thing, but a lot depends on the dog. If you have a soft or sensitive pup even a firm no can be stressful enough to exacerbate problems rather than help them.
Using a firm and quick no, meaning YOU ARE CALM, is fine.
Hope that helps clear that up.
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