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My first puppy ever

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I could care less where you got your dog. You love your dog very much, you picked it out, and now you're caring for it.

As for the crate issue - sounds like your dog has a bit of seperation anxiety, and is thinking negative things with the crate.

So - Honestly, it may take some time...but if you build up on it, it will be better. Wear a T-shirt to bed for a couple days, and put the t-shirt in the crate. Your smells will be a calming effect for your pup. Put a soft toy, or a nice kong filled up with easily breakable treats/paste (to avoid choking hazard). Puppy kong filled with Puppy kong treats (easily breakable too). A special toy only for being in the crate helps.

After a while, your puppy will get used to positive things associated with the crate.

Also, is the crate isolated from the rest of the house? Perhaps allow your cats to roam around the crate, turn on the TV (I always leave it on Nick....my dog seem to like Spongebob Squarepants), so there's some noise going on and keeping them company, etc.

Other than that, I have no experience whatsoever with much younger pups. So, I think their needs are much more in demand than a 4 month old pup (like mine when I got her).

Wish you best of luck with your new pup! You're lucky that your dog gets along with your cats....my dog...chases the heck out of my two cats and barks at them if they don't do anything...sheesh!
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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