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My first puppy ever

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just want to address a few things first

1st. the Definition of a Breed is, a bloodline of dogs that has offspring that all meet a "standard of appearance and behavior" for at least 4 to 6 generations.

2nd. Over half of the dogs I have met that came from pet stores have developed some sort of health problem so I hope yours one of the lucky ones that got a healthy puppy for life. There are MUCH better and more caring places to get a puppy from in the future.

But Now on to your main points.

Puppies typically take a few months before they will actively show a behavior as a request to go outside (weather it be whining, pacing, scratching at the door, ect.) I would give it some time
I have crate trained all of my dogs, they LOVE their crates now. Dogs are den animals and they like to sleep in small spaces since it makes them feel more secure. Crate training also eliminates the chance of the puppy pottying in the house at night and you not being awake to catch it. As you know EVERY time a puppy pees in the house and it is not caught right away that is a set back in your potty training.

Whoops sorry I didn't read your second paragraph before witting my last paragraph so I see you are having crate problems now.

Does your puppy like food? There is a toy called a Kong, if you puppy likes food I highly suggest getting a kong shoving a bunch of peanut butter in it and putting it in the crate for your puppy while your home, but IF the puppy trys to take he Kong out of the crate you say "no" and put the toy back in the crate. He learns that Yummy stuff is only allowed when he is in the crate.

The same can be said when you feed him. only feed him with the door open with his dog bowl at the back of the crate.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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