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My first puppy ever

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You have made good progress with the crate. You can get a DVD "Crate Games" from www.dogwise.com that makes the whole crate idea FUN for the dog. The fact that he chose to sleep in the crate is huge progress.

I will suggest something else on potty training. When he goes outside and goes potty, be with him and the instant he poops or pees, say the word Pee or Poop and give him a treat.. the best way to reinforce a behavior is within 1/2 second of the behavior happening.. so praise and treats (a Puppy Party) for going outside and you right there with him. By the time her returns to the house it is too late to reinforce pooping or peeing.. What you have reinforced is his coming in the house.

By saying the words every time he goes outside eventually he will do both those things on command. This can be useful if you take him on a car trip and stop for the dog rest area.

DO take him places and that puppy class once he has had shots is a really good idea. It is fun too because you are there with other ppl who own puppies and you all learn together.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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