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My husband was bathing Bubba yesterday and he noticed a tick on Bubba’s ear.
I brushed him on Sunday and I didn't notice anything. Monday night - i let him and the other 2 roam around on the front yard and I’m assuming the tick came from the grass.
I don’t have my pets on any flea or tick repellant. Lady is the oldest of the bunch (12 years) and I never had a problem with fleas or ticks. But now that Bubba has come in contact with a tick, I am freaking out.
I called my vet this morning and she said I shouldn’t worry about lyme disease since we haven’t had an incident in our area. She also said it was too soon to test for lyme anyways but to keep an eye on him if he becomes lethargic and to put him on a flea prevention program ASAP.
Bubba is diabetic, Lady has cancerous cells and Daisy seems to be ok but I’m afraid of buying advantage or frontline because of all the stories I hear. If I’m adding chemicals in to their bodies, I’m afraid I will trigger something bad in their immune system. I know it sounds retarded but I can’t help feeling this way.
Any encouraging words out there? What should I do about the tick situation? Preventive care and if so, which one? HELP :confused:
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