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my female G.S.D problem :'(

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hi guys...i have a female german shepherd 8 month old...she has always done her poo and pee inside the house in the garden and i used to clean up after her...but know i am fed up and i want to know how to get her used to making her things out while i am waking her....or when should i walk her(how long after meals) knowing that she eats 2 meals per day????
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I am not sure I understand? You have a garden inside your house? Is this like a Green house room or something? Or are you referring to a back yard or court yard?

To get a dog to pee and poo outdoors I would first get her used to a crate. I would then proceed to prevent her from going indoors by taking her to an area where you want her to "go" and when she does rewarding her profusely.

If you take her out and she does not go, bring her back in, crate her for 15 minutes and then take her out again.

When she is indoors and not crated, keep an eye on her. When she looks like she wants to go, take her out and if she goes, praise her like she just made gold.

If she makes a mistake, and you catch her, interrupt her ant take her out.. again, praising her for doing the "right thing" outside. If you find she has made a mistake where you do not want her to, then clean it up with an enzyme cleaner so she is not attracted to going there again (if she is going in an indoor garden, this may be hard to do.

Again, I am not sure what your situation is. If you have an indoor garden area that she has been trained to use, you may have to keep her from going there at all until you get her used to going somewhere else.

I tried walking Atka 30 minutes after meals for poo, but it seems to take 12 hours for her to need to poo after eating. She does need to pee about 40 minutes after eating.
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