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My dog's vomitting problem

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I seem to have a problem. My dog is 5 months old an he's doing fine but he has a problem, his health is also good but he seem to vomit at nights. He does not vomit any kind of food but his saliva and stuff. I can't seem to find out what is the problem. So please help guys..........

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thats how my dogs started out when they got parvo i would keep an eye out make sure he keeps eating and stays active.If he start vomiting more or hw gets the run with blood in it get him to the vet asap.i just lost 7 dogs with in 3 days its heartbreaking.
Has it been a long time since his last meal when he throws up? I had this problem with Zoey until about a month ago, where if she didn't eat for more than six hours or so she would throw up a big puddle of yellow liquid.. I had taken her to the vet for it when she was younger, and she told me it was because when she wouldn't eat for so long.. her stomach would continue to produce digestive fluids, that would then have nothing to digest and so it would make her stomach upset.
Try feeding more often. It's common when dog's stomachs get empty.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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