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My dogs have something wrong with their skin.

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My dogs have something wrong with their skin. My husband and I have did mange treatment. We thought it went away but last night during the night the oldest and the initial dog that developed the rash has itched herself all over til she is bleeding. We have been using antiseptic and antifungal shampoo on all dogs. There is 5 total. 3 pits.2 chi-weenies. The little dogs and the newest addition don't have it as bad but the 2 oldest pits are ate up with it. We are so in need for some good advice. Our vet is just saying it's a skin allergy.. and keep doing what we are doing and it will finally go away. But the oldest one is starting to scare us.. and she has to be miserable.. please help in need of so good advice or things to try.. Thank you
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If your vet can't help, it might be time to find a new vet - perhaps a specialist.
Yes, when one of my dogs had a problem my regular vet couldn't solve, I took her to a veterinary dermatologist. Took her two tries, but she got it cleared up. You can look for vet specialists in your area on the AVMA website. I have trouble believing 2 dogs came down with the same skin allergy at the same time. Seems something transmissible from one to another is more likely.
If both of your dogs have it it is not likely it is a food allergy. It can be lice or demodicosis. Take them to the specialist to be sure :(
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