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So I ordered 3 tests from Embark. I mainly wanted to see the results it would give for coefficient of inbreeding vs the pedigree calculated COI. Of course everything else was interesting too.
I used the swab for a loosely bred dog Kratos COI 2.3%, a tighter line bred dog Griz 12.6% and an inbred dog Kenny 32%. Unfortunately I received an email that Griz kit wasn't suitable for testing and would need to be reswabbed. So I will send hers in again this weekend. I'm really shocked and happy that I got the results back so FAST, less than 2 weeks. The emails had said 1-2 months.

Here are photos and sharable links, but the links don't give all the info, just breed and lineage. Both breed results came back as 100% Staffordshire Terrier.
First is Kenny

According to 20 generation pedigree calculation Kenny's coefficient of inbreeding is 32%, according to embark's DNA analysis it is 28%. It did say he was homozygous for black mask and also for low shedding. It list his predicted weight as 44lbs, he's actually about 36-37lbs, I guess it's close enough though.

Next is Kratos

His 20 generation pedigree COI was calculated at 2.3% and the analysis embark gave was 5%. He has a single gene for mask, but can't really tell it much with his base color, the other allele is E, so he doesn't carry recessive yellow. His predicted adult weight is 38lbs, I have come to idea that he will be around 35lbs, he's 4 months old right now. He's also homozygous for low shedding. Which is probably set type for the breed.
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