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My dog's ear

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She has a growth on the end of her ear, I'd doesn't bother her at all it is hard and is white and crusty I suspect that it is fungal but figured someone here may know or have had similar issues with their pets, thanks.


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Unfortunately, we don't allow forum members to guess at diagnoses or offer advice for medical conditions that haven't been seen by a vet. Once you have a diagnosis from a veterinary professional, we may be able to offer suggestions from our own experience! But otherwise it's too easy for even well-meaning dog lovers to offer suggestions that delay medical intervention or even harm your dog. There's just too many medical issues that look very similar but need to be handled in very different ways.

This is definitely unusual and I absolutely do encourage you to run it by a vet! You might even be able to send over the photo ahead of time - many clinics now have ways they allow clients to send along photos through e-mail or SMS to better assess the issue. Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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