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My Cocker spaniel is 10 in 2019. She had a cataract operation in April, and since then she has had haziness or cloudiness, despite me following every advice of the vet. Now she needs an operation in her second eye, and i have been getting conflicting advice from many vets

1) The Ophthalmic Vet surgeon who did the surgery says that she is fine with 50 % vision and the haziness is normal because of the lens bag
2) 2 general vets says that the haziness is abnormal but a third says its ok, but he seems to be a very young and junior vet
3) so i took my cocker to another Ophthalmic vet surgeon who said that the earlier proceedure followed was a large incision and instruments to suck out the cap, which led to infection and haziness - because he said that any foreign body in the eye can lead to infection. He said he has phacoemulsification poceedure with small incisions and less instruments in the eye and the haziness should not repeat.

i will be going to some more surgeons, but can i get some feedback on the above matter

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Sorry, I have no knowledge in this area.

I do believe you are following a good path to seek other advice. You could enhance your knowledge by searching and doing research on the Internet or local library.

Definitely have the 1st eye corrected before doing any procedure on the 2nd eye.

You don't want to risk the dog not being able to see her nose.
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