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My Dog's bread

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Hi 2 years ago a little dog brokes my windows nets at my dads home (in wich i sleep like twice a year) and started to lick me. Ive looked around an noone reclaimed him. ive since kept him. He his about 130 pounds. his name is Poncho. We think he has some Irish wolfhound is his blood. but the other one we have no clue.. Can any 1 help me find his mom or dad =D? here is a link to some of his pictures
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The link you posted doesn't work. He sounds neat. The Irish Wolfhound BREED is really a nice BREED. Glad you kept the dog. He's lucky to have a home.
I don't have any guess as to Poncho's breed, but her certianly is a good looking boy! I love the pictures of him wearing the hat!
Even though he is bigger than he looks. I don't think that he is an Irish Wolfhound. I don't know what he is, but I think that wolfhounds tend to be more lanky and grey, with slightly shorter fur ... looking maybe like a greyhound with bristle fur, rather than a smooth coat :-0
He looks like Irish Wolfhound/Golden retriever to me. Or Great Dane/Airdale.
all i know is that he is a mix between two races, in our time it might be maybe more, ive been looking on some sites and the irish wolfhound weight for males are between 70 and 120 pounds, be he is a bit bigger, he is 130. he has the face of the irish, but the body and the fur of an other type. ill put an other picture. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poncho/292106930848760
I've lived with an Irish Wolfhound before and your dog has the typical facial furs of an Irish Wolfhound. The overall look of the course hairs remind me a whole lot of that breed as well. And his eyes are just exactly like those of the Irish I lived with.

The ears though, look like a terrier's to me. It's anyone's guess, but I'd say Irish Wolfhound X Lab or Irish Wolfhound X Irish or Irish Wolfhound X Border Terrier.
Your dog should not be eating grains.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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