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My doggie was attacked by red ants

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My puppy just started going for walks and i discovered there are red ants in the gradd infront of my apartment where she goes. This morning was her 3rd walk she has been on, and i guess they got in her fur and were biting and she got scared :(.
We are moving soon, so that is good but for nbow i wonbt take her to that place anymore. but how can i help with the bites? and if she is ever attacked again is there a quick way to make themstop? ex. spraying something ( that wont harm my pup obviously)
Any advice is much appreciated
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Ouchie! That happened to Koda afew years ago on a camping trip when he was sitting on a rock.
If they bites aren't bothering her too much I personally wouldnt put anything on them :) As for future 'attacks' i'd just try and aviod anything that screams an red ant hill could be near by :)
I would suggest if the bites become inflamed or are too bothersome .... call your vet and they may suggest some benadryl for the discomfort/inflamation if necessary .... but be sure to ask first for the proper dosage .... never give drugs to a dog without the advice from your vet ... you could accidentally kill your dog. :)
Wash the ants off with water. If there is a hose handy, that's easiest but pouring water out of a drinking bottle works too.
You can dab the bites with white vinegar to help kill the sting, since it is safe to ingest, it won't matter if the dog licks the spot.
I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your pup
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