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So, I know the suggestion to this issue is to have scheduled feedings but I'm not really able to do this. I work 8 hour days. I put her measured food down shortly before I leave for work. Sometimes 20 minutes before. Sometimes right before I walk out the door if I'm running late. If I give her time before I leave she won't eat it and I doubt she'd eat it when I got home either. So, if I did scheduled feedings I'd feel guilty because she'd probably end up going days without eating. She's very stubborn.

Anyway, she will eat other things like treats and wet food. She'll also eat her kibble as soon as I put it down if I mix wet food or something into to make it yummier. But I can't always afford wet food and I don't want her to get used to always having something mixed in.
She used to not eat all day when I was at work and then would eat as soon as I got home. I've read that other dogs would do the same. But now she won't even do that. Even on my days off she'll ignore her food all day and then decide to eat it late at night. So, she ends up only eating like once a day. I have to tell her "go eat your food" so often now that she seems to know what that means. She'll look over at her food when I say this but she'll get all submissive and put her ears down. I'll have her walk over to her bowl and gently tell her to eat, offer her a kibble from my hand, and try to coax her. She'll act really scared and cower down to the floor with her ears down or she'll slink off into her crate. I dont' understand why she acts this way. This never used to be an issue. And I've never acted aggressively to her to make her associate eating with being scared. I'm not sure what to do here.

She is a healthy weight, fortunately but I feel like she should be eating more often than once a day. I should note though, she has always (since I got her almost 2 years ago) been a very submissive dog and scares very easily. But like I said, it hasn't ever been an issue with food until like last 6 months or so.
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