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If you haven't yet, perhaps try DentaStix. They're certainly not a replacement for brushing, no treat will ever be, (if you don't have one, get a soft toothbrush or a finger brush, and some dog toothpaste, and brush her teeth at least once a week- more, if she never learns to like dental treats. Perhaps also try one of those dental water additives.) but my dog loves them- scratch that, she's OBSESSED. They're a bit softer than regular dental treats- supposedly they use an enzymatic cleaner as opposed to physical friction. I think that's why she prefers them.
For a regular chew, my dog uses the petstages dogwood toy, which comes in an original flavor, as well as a meat flavor. Some dogs never like chews though, so perhaps try other solutions for dental care, and get a puzzle toy or kong to help with occupying her. She may also like an edible rawhide replacement. or Blended rawhide, my dog likes "Super Snaxx Stixx" on Amazon.

Perhaps, to start out, you could break them into smaller pieces- she may just not like how long it takes to chew.

You may have lucked out with a dog that doesn't like squeakers- my dog can get quite annoying with hers lol. They do make dog toys that have crinkle paper inside instead of a squeaker, as well as ones that make no sound- you might try one of those playology (or similar) scented toys to get her interested, or buy a plush toy without a squeaker, or even just a tennis ball. Some dogs would love to just play with an old washcloth or hand towel. What's important is that you never force her to play, and are sure to show her that you are having a good time yourself.
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