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My dog will not play

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My dog is an active 13-year-old (small dog). He will not play. He never has, not with toys of any kind nor with me (fetch, etc.). We think he had been abused before we got him, abused by being housebroken using old-fashioned punishment-based methods. Of course he is bored. How do I keep him from being bored?
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This is an interesting topic to me. I have a 3 yr old GSD. He loves to plau
This is an interesting topic to me. I have a 3.5 yr old GSD. He loves to play fetch with a ball, and will play chase other dogs, but is interested in toys or prey type games. I don't really care, since he seems happy and will play ball, but his agility trainer seems to think I should train him to play with tugs toys and train him to do prey drive games. She and I went around with this one time, and I left that night feeling frustrated and inept for not insisting he play and like it! Several times she says "train the dog you have" meaning don't insist he do things exactly my way, be flexible. Then she insists he learn to play tug, chase a toy and like it. I have had him a year and a half, and he has done very will with training, got his AKCGC. We started agility just to give him confidence, as he had a very sheltered puppy-
hood. What do you all think of training him to play games he isn't interested in?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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