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hi, I'm having problem with my 1-yr old dog. It just takes her FOREVER to poop! Before our walk, we go first to the park for her to do her business and it just takes a minute or 2 for her to do that..BEFORE. But now she has become more picky. She has spent 15-30 mins before she finds the right spot for 2 consecutive days. It's as if she doesn't want to poop when there are other dog's poop near her which she has no problem with it before. I tried to make her poop at the same spot but it failed. When I'm seeing her circling around and ready to poop, and she will see another dog...argh, she gets distracted so I shoo the dog away. And I admit to lose my patience one time because when she cantfind the right spot, she'll do a very annoying "begging sound".

We tried staying at the same spot no matter how long so she will be forced to poop there but no success. In result, we have to move in other spot. I have not tried removing other poops there to see if it will work though. I dont want her to take that long just to poop since we only have limited time for walk. I am not looking for a poop command. I just want her to know that she should do her business quicker so she can walk longer. After she poop, I walk her so I want her to understand that in order to walk she must poop first.

What will I do? Will I stick to staying at one spot? Will I bring her back home when she dont poop so she'll know that she has to poop so she can have a walk? I want to resolve this issue because my sleep is at stake here. I already sacrificed my 2 precious hours of sleep a day so my dogs can have their walk.

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