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Since there seems to be so many of the same thought I'd just post the advice here instead of having multiple people asking the same thing within other threads on the same thing...:wave:

First off consider health issues - if your pup can't hold it because of an infection or birth defect, they can't hold it. Make sure you check with your vet if you have concerns.

A pup should be able to hold their pee for about an hour per month of age - but this isn't set in stone, some pups can hold it for 8 hours, some can't hold it for an hour.

Use a crate that is just big enough for your pup to sleep in. If there's enough space for them to pee and get away, then they will. Depends on the puppy, some will scream to go out, others will just go pee and go back to sleep without making a noise. Use a divider or plastic storage tubs, laundry baskets etc. to make it smaller if needed, or get a smaller crate.

Clean, clean, clean. Scrub/wipe the crate out every time it's been soiled, so there's no pee smell. At the same time don't use strong cleaning products that smell worse (to the dog) than pee, they might as well pee to cover up the stench. Vinegar and water works great and if it's a smaller crate toss it into the shower to rinse it.

Same goes for puppy, if they have peed on themselves then more pee isn't going to matter. So they'll need a good bath each time too.

Don't use a lot of bedding, nothing is fine or if you want to give them something, use one old towel folded up. That can help soak up the urine from mistakes and isn't hard to wash. A big fluffy dog bed can wait till the pup is past the chew stages and many of them allow liquid to just go right through and underneath, so the pup doesn't mind peeing on them since it goes away.

Regulate the water and food so you can predict when your pup is going to go. Give lots of chances to go, walks and so on to help them pee outside first before they go into the crate. Don't assume because they've been outside in the yard for an hour they've spent an hour going pee, likely they went when they went outside, have been busy since and come inside having to pee again.

If peeing in the crate is still an issue, give the pup a choice of the 'right' spot to pee. Use an xpen and put the clean crate and clean puppy on one side, and a 'litterbox' on the other side. At first that might mean you have a crate and the second the pup gets out of the crate, a litterbox, but once they get the idea you can increase the space and then eventually remove the litterbox and just use the crate. For a litterbox I used an old flat storage container that's about six inches deep, with wood pellets for litter. The pellets break down to sawdust, don't get gummy or sticky and are really cheap if you go to a horse supply store.

I found the pee pads messy and not really that great since puppies like to grab and chew them up, the wood pellets aren't as interesting and work for retraining.

Sometimes pups just aren't ready for crate training and the litterbox works quite well as a between step, not something I'd like to use for all pups but with my last one she seemed to need it for a month or two. Once she was a bit older it wasn't an issue, she's now fine in her crate.

Add any advice I forgot!

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Newbie here. I have to make Lucy's crate space pretty small or she poos and pees without hesitation. But she can't layout flat. She has to be curled to fit in it. She can get up, turn and reposition, but she can't sleep with body straight. Is that too small? I feel bad :(
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