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My dog now barks when people sleep

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My dog almost never barked since I took him in, until two days ago. At first I was glad that he regained his supposedly valuable means of communication, but now I feel like I just won a ticket to hell.

He barks at every sound from the other side of my apartment door. Some of them even I cannot hear. He barks loudly and hysterically, for a long time. I don't think he's scared, because he's keeping his tail high, sometimes wagging it. But the worst thing is, he does it at night, starting the cacophony at 4 A. M.

And when he does it at night, sometimes I get a feeling that he doesn't react to the outside stimuli, but just is using his barking to get my attention or to get me to wake up and walk him. I must admit, he's very successful at that :( I also expect my neighbors to visit me in the next few days, because walls are not soundproof, and it's very likely I'm not the only one whom he manages to wake up.

Please help me, tell me what to do. In these two days I've been missing out on sleep greatly thanks to him. I'm losing my ability to think clearly :(
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make sure youre exercising him. that can go a long way, and i dont mean walk, get them running after a ball for thirty minutes. if you still experience barking you need to stop acknowledging it all together and it will stop when he realizes you wont respond. one or two nights of missed sleep are worth this valuable lesson to the dog that when its rest time they sleep.
Can you keep him in your bedroom at night? If my dogs aren't in the bedroom, they get hyper-vigilant and bark at every little thing. Maybe even in a crate in the bedroom.

And don't ever walk him or feed him until it's a proper time! Or he'll get used to that schedule and keep doing it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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