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My Dog Needs To Gain Weight!!!!

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BEFORE I GET JUDGED I adopted my dog Miley when she was pregnant! She was rescued by me, and I was completely aware and prepared for her pregnancy when I adopted her!

My new dog, Miley, had puppies on December first. At first, her weight didn't change. She gained a healthy amount of weight when I got her, and after her pups she retained a good weight. She saw a vet when I first got her, when she was six weeks pregnant. She saw a vet again after the pups were born because she was having some nausea issues after a week or so of giving birth. Within the past week, she has been dramatically dropping weight. The puppies are going through a weaning period, so you'd think it'd be the opposite. I brought her to the vet once more, and he chalked it up to 'depression'. Really? This dramatic weight loss is from depression?

Has anyone been through this with there dog? Any advice on what foods to give her to help her gain weight? I have been feeding her good specially formulated for pregnant and nursing dogs. I am at a loss, been thinking about seeing a differing veterinarian as well... Opinions?
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I have zero idea what could be going on but suggest measuring her food intake accurately to determine exactly how many calories she is taking in daily before contacting a new vet. If you suspect anything is going on inside definitely take her someplace else.

My adopted obese dog looked like she had been dieting for months after a single enormous bowel movement cleared the last of the kibble from her system. Perhaps something like that is going on? Water weight? Her teats are drying up inside as well as outside, right?
Was it actual weight? Like is she several pounds lighter than she was? Or does she just look thinner? If it's actual weight, I'd for sure want some blood work and a fecal run on her.
Yes, she has been producing less milk altogether. I started counting the calories of her food, and feed her four times daily. Once at 6am, 10am, 2pm, and finally at 6:30-7pm. She had constant access to water. Normal bowel movements daily, as well as going out regularly. She doesn't go out any more often than our six-month month-old female foster. If anything, she goes out less. But her teats don't hang as low anymore, so they are less full. Other than weight loss, no other symptoms have occurred.
I'm not quite sure what her weight was before the pregnancy, but when I brought her to the vet soon after having the pups she was 35lbs. She was 24lbs when we last went, only about a month after having the pups. I thought it was just looks as well, but unfortunately not...

She gave birth to ten pups, but only seven survived, despite our fight to save the three. Miley is a medium sized dog; with only nine nipples, and a naturally thin frame already, the pregnancy and birth were already quite hard on her. That's why the vet said depression... But it's gotta be deeperthan that. She eats, but gains no weight. Four large meals a day, and constant access to healthy water. Healthy bowel movements, active by nature, she seems to have no other problems. I'm at a loss :( maybe I'm just panicking too much. But you can count her ribs on the outside Of her skin.... I don't think That's okay!
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How many actual calories is she eating daily?

Has she been wormed?

Slightly visible ribs is normal and healthy for many breeds - can you post a photo of her from the side and from above?
I'd increase her food by a good 25% and give her more treats for sure. Feeding those puppies must have been hard on her. Then wait a month or so to see if she improves.
The weight right after delivery was more than her normal healthy weight but losing 30% seems excessive unless she went into delivery obese. Just because she doesn't seem to be feeding the pups much now doesn't mean she isn't working extremely hard helping them grow up safe.

Pictures please? Details of the head and neck show emaciation best. Dogs should show some rib.
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