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he wont let me clip them, he won't let me dremmel them, but you know what he will let me do?

File them by hand which takes a million times longer then the dremmel or clippers would. :rolleyes:

Now I just have to get his back feet, he's more fickle with those, he'll let me do his front feet no problem. When I try to file his back feet he'll keep pulling his feet away from me and eventually get annoyed and get up and leave the area. Like the other day I was trying to do his back feet while we were sitting on the couch and he kept pulling his feet away from me and eventually he just got off the couch and went to the floor.

I've tried desensitizing him to the dremmel but all he does is bark and growl at it. I've watched his behavior very carefully and he's definately barking/growling at the dremmel, not me.

Do you think I should continue trying to desensitize him to the dremmel or should I just stick with what works, filing by hand?
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