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my dog is scared of me

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Hi, I have a 11 month old puppy, almost a year old this april 16th. I bought him from a breeder. Hes a great dog, but i have some problems.He is very scared of me. He never eats from me, not even treats, he never sits with me. He does only if no one else is around as soon as someone else comes he runs away. I have to say come here to him about 12 times before he even makes a move. While he is he stops and rethinks and sometimes goes back. I scolded at him about 7 months ago. That was only when he had an accident. So did everyone else as much as i did. But i didnt do it in a mean tone at all. But for some reason he is very scared of me. I have never laid my hand on him in any way or anything. Ive tried everything. Trying to feed him with only me their to giving him treats and spending a very long time with him alone and tried to give him treats but he didnt eat them ever. The only time he does eat a treat from me is when soemone else is in the room. I dont know what to do. Ive tried for 6 months to fix our problems whatever they are and i told everyone else in the household if he does something bad you guys and say no to him and im not going to so he doesnt associate me with punishment. They do say no to him but he isnt scared of them. I waited so long to get my own dog. and finally when i did he is so scared of me. Many times when he sits with me, he shakes alot and sometimes pees when he doesnt need to, he shakes only with me around him and no one else. Also he sits with everyone in the house except with me. hell come over to get a pat then he leaves as if hes going to get in trouble. I need help.
ps. he is a yorkshire terrier

thank you
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Also he could consider you his pack leader and he is leaving space as a sign of respect.

He could feel more comfortable with the others because he considers them the same pack level.

Just be a strong leader to him (kind) and you might find he relaxes, he might be thinking you are trying to give him pack leadership and he isnt able to handle it.


Submissive peeing can be done as a sign of respect to a leader.

What i am saying is that this dog could be being confused by his leaders lack of consistency. Having your pack leader fawn all over you isnt comforting for a submissive dog.

I am not talking about being alpha or anything like that, but submissive dogs do exist none the less.


Anyway looks like you all apply wolf pack theory in your day to day lives.

Anyway i dont care i hope the op sorts out his problem despite the wolves around.

But seriously i dont know why what i have said has you so up in arms, I just think the OP should ignore the dog, like a good pack leader would.

Yes please read into that all the perceived threat you can, please twist it anyway you want, i was writing a suggestion to the OP not to you.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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