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My dog is doing something to his toy!

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Its the weirdest thing because my dog has this toy we got from costco and its a hedgehog thing with fur.....he is almost like suckling it but he just zones out (sometimes when we are all on the couch watching T.V. ) and just sucks ont he fur of it..we got 2 of them and he does it to both! His eyes get all slitty too!

Does anyone elses dog do this?(my dog is an Australian Shepherd)

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Mabel (rat terrier) will do that when she's tired. She wedges a small part of the toy (feet, ears, etc) in the back of her mouth. Her eyes get all glazzy and she seems more asleep than chewing.

When she's not tired, is a different story. She rips the heck out of the toys. BTW, I've found that dental floss is the best thread to sew them back up with.
My two don't suckle on their toys but I know of other dogs that do this... you should take a picture, it must be soo cute!
My sister has a dog that does this, but only with his hedgehog! We think he's a Chi/Min Pin mix.
many years ago I had a chihuahua that used to suck my thumb lol. I asked the vet why she did this and she said it was because she was either taken from her mother abruptly or never weaned properly...she sucked my thumb every night for 7 years, til the day she died.
The next time miles does it, i will take a picture and post it! I am surprised at how many other dogs do it too!
Hawk will do that sometimes with his sheep toy.
you mean like Titch w/ his "blankie"....

or his mama w/ her "succachoo".....(i think it's hereditary:D)

4 of the 7 pups from this litter do this to some degree....
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Billy does this with his polar bear toy. He gets a hold of the nubby tail and does that 'make dough' thing that cats do and slowly dozes off. If I try to get the toy out of his mouth, sometimes he will just push it aside and fall asleep. Other times he will liven up and play with it a bit and then doze off.

The women who I got him from said his mother (who was the ugliest pug that I had ever seen) fell asleep with a toy in her mouth all the time when she was a pup and that is why she had that nasty underbite. I am not sure if I believe that, is that possible though?
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