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My dog is being treated for a UTI. Being fed Canidae.

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Less than a week ago, I woke up to number 1 type doggy mess all over the house. I thought of it as being weird as my dog is usually very good with her potty breaks. When I took her out, i noticed that she was "peeing" more than her usual "sniff here-pee here" activities she usually engages in.

As soon as I came back in, she started dripping blood, the thicker and richer type blood. I immediately thought, UTI (my dog is spayed). It was last Sunday, so I had to wait until Monday morning to go to the vets.

My dog will be three this October, the vet ran a blood tests and explained the entire thing to me. My dog had a high white blood cell count, indicative of inflammation and possible "fighting" against a bacteria/virus. Many other things were also explained. The diagnose was a UTI.

Now, my vet explained to me that this could be a one on one case or a problem that will recur if there is an underlying issues. I explained to my vet that I am probably the most active dog owner ever alive and I take my dog wherever it can go. My dog loves to swim in lakes and my vet told me that this has to stop. I live in Miami so lakes are not necessarily the cleanest body of water around, the climate lends itself to the growth of nasty bacteria, this along with human waste, duck waste and God knows what else is thrown in there. I also went to a cattle and horse show about 2 weeks ago so my dog has basically been exposed to dozens of things.

My vet prescribed a course of antibiotics and probiotics for 10 days. Along with the medication, I have to go through a bottle of vitamin C (doggy vitamins) and I have to offer cranberry capsules during her regular feeding times. Walking, plenty of water and potty breaks are also required.

Now the question is. I feed my dog Canidae All life stages. This to me is an excellent quality food for my budget. The vet said that is the UTI were to come back, that I am going to have to change the food. Has anyone had problems with UTI with dogs being fed Canidae?

I had to change the food this time either way as Canidae was recalled due to Salmonella (umm, this sounds suspicious, as this is a bacteria and it can be a cause of this problem). I am currently feeding Natural choice.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what food that is as good as Canidae for about the same price? My vet mentioned that maybe the food is too rich and it might not work well with my dogs body chemistry.

Any suggestions? We are treating this as a stand alone bacterial infection. But my vet told me to do some research ( I didn't want to buy the SD prescription diet which I think is worthless) and toy around with the idea of maybe changing her food just in case the problem is due to her food.

Thanks guys!!
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Unfortunately, most of the decent foods in the same price range (Chicken Soup, Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance, Solid Gold, 4Health) are also manufactured at the Diamond plant and are under recall as well :/. Since you live in the affected area I guess that wouldn't be a good idea right now. There is another budget priced food, made by Merrick, called Whole Earth Farms. If you want to switch her food that might be a good choice. Earthborn Holistics is a bit more expensive but is grain-free.
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