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My dog is aggressive towards my second dog

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I have a husky called Snow. He is 1 year old and I have him since he was 2 months old. (Snow is in the profile picture and that photo was taken when I bought him). Besides an episode when he tried to kill a dog in the park because someone came with a female dog that was in heat, something that I posted about here back then and when he killed a chicken from neighbour's yard, besides that he is a good dog, that loves people and especially kids. Recently I purchased my second dog which is a 3 months old puppy husky lady called Matilda. Both Snow and Matilda are intact, however I don't want them to breed so I guess I'll have to spay Matilda. The problem I have is that Snow is jealous of Matilda when I play with her. When I'm not around they play peacefully. When I am around them, I try to give them both equal attention, I pet them equally, I give treats equally, however for Snow this isn't enough, he wants for Matilda to get nothing, when I pet her, he comes and growls at her, he wants her treats. As I said they play nicely when I observe them from distance, however I don't want this to end up with Matilda bitten by Snow or worse. Did you ever have to deal with dog jealousy? I hope this situation is temporary, when Matilda gets older maybe he will se her as a dog female that he wants to breed with more than a competitor, even if I don't want them to breed.
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