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My dog is aggressive towards my second dog

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I have a husky called Snow. He is 1 year old and I have him since he was 2 months old. (Snow is in the profile picture and that photo was taken when I bought him). Besides an episode when he tried to kill a dog in the park because someone came with a female dog that was in heat, something that I posted about here back then and when he killed a chicken from neighbour's yard, besides that he is a good dog, that loves people and especially kids. Recently I purchased my second dog which is a 3 months old puppy husky lady called Matilda. Both Snow and Matilda are intact, however I don't want them to breed so I guess I'll have to spay Matilda. The problem I have is that Snow is jealous of Matilda when I play with her. When I'm not around they play peacefully. When I am around them, I try to give them both equal attention, I pet them equally, I give treats equally, however for Snow this isn't enough, he wants for Matilda to get nothing, when I pet her, he comes and growls at her, he wants her treats. As I said they play nicely when I observe them from distance, however I don't want this to end up with Matilda bitten by Snow or worse. Did you ever have to deal with dog jealousy? I hope this situation is temporary, when Matilda gets older maybe he will se her as a dog female that he wants to breed with more than a competitor, even if I don't want them to breed.
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Be very careful to make sure that the female doesn't get bred before you get her spayed. This can happen before you even notice the dog is in heat! Make sure you know all of the signs of a dog coming into heat, and separate them entirely at all times if the male starts to show that kind of interest.

What you describe doesn't sound too worrying. If they play nicely together, then your male dog is just having a hard time sharing your attention with the new dog.

Watch the interactions carefully so that you can redirect the male dog's attention if it does ever start to get heated. And take your male dog for nice long walks by himself, take him out to play by himself, give him treats when you and he are away from the other dog, and overall just show him that he still has the same place in your heart as ever. A bit of extra attention one-to-one without the new dog present might go a long way to helping him to adjust to the new dog's presence.
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