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ok, again i have 2 dogs Sugar (w/c I got earlier) and Coleen.

they dont have problem,i guess, when they're young.

when Sugar menstruate, she became aggressive to Coleen only in one instance. It is when I hold Coleen on a leash and we go near her.

What I do now to ease the tension is I hold Coleen and we go near her. Sugar will bark in excitement/jealousy. I'll let her sniff Coleen's back while preventing Coleen from looking. Coleen's tail is tucked between her legs. Tension escalates when Coleen face her and they had a staredown. When this happens, I immediately take Coleen away.

Am I doing it right? I am thinking they're fighting for my ATTENTION because they dont fight when they play off-leash at the park without my presence. Or are they fighting for dominance? Or both?

Sugar always starts the fight.

Thank you!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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