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My dog hate water and baths what to do?

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My dog is a 10 months Alabai about 70kg and 73 cm at withers. He is not agressive but while bathing he is very frightened and sometimes show agressive behavior. What to do?Can someone helplease please?
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Need more detail.

What is your method of bathing? Shower, tub, basin, hose......
Any training or socialization to the bath?
Bathing history?
Is the dog forced into the bath?
Punishments during bath?
Water temperature?
Frequency of bath?
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Sounds like your dog just needs more time to get used to the bath. I would start by just walking your dog into the bathroom and then rewarding once the dog is calm. Make it fun to be in the bathroom. Then get closer to the bathtub, and reward once the dog is calm. Add a toy to the mix. Let the dog relax. Then coax the dog into the bath with treats/toys/praise... slowly. Don't even turn the water on until your dog is comfortable. Once your dog is comfortable, introduce water. This whole process could take weeks, if not longer. Don't try to accomplish it all in one day. Don't force your dog to do anything. Make the bathroom feel like any other room in the house, and make bath time fun. Also, make sure the water temperature is lukewarm (not hot or cold). Using a dog-friendly shower head, like a Waterpik Pet Wand, might help too. You can also try using an Aquapaw Slow Treater on the wall of the tub/shower as a distraction (and treat).
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I never forced him to bath.But he just hate water.No problem with rain but hate baths.I wash my dog with bucket of warm not hot water and very slowly but after first small bucket it go crazy and pull me away becouse he is very strong.I never punish him only when he show agressive behavior toward my rabbit and another dog.I get him as a 35 day puppy and he hated water in that age too.I given him food after bathing but nothing till now.Thank you for reply.
Ok, that helps a little.

Suggest to get a large wash tub, big enough for the entire dog. A leash with a 3 point attachment, on dog and 2 solid points. You'll need a collar also

Begin with training as BluePaw has outlined.

Once you are able to get the dog into the large wash tub filled with warm water, attach the leash to the dog and 2 anchor points. The anchor point should be separated on opposite sides of the dog. The leash will allow you to give the bath and prevent the dog from leaving. Have plenty of treats handy to reward for each success. Look at tub, reward, step in tub, reward, attach leash, reward, get wet, reward, reward, reward, soap, reward..........and so on and so forth. Remember, the treat rewards do not need to be big, just enough for a smell and taste. Don't forget to give a some jackpot rewards for new achievements or big steps forward.
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