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Ok, have been away for a few days, so I'm a bit late to the discussion, but...

I'm with the Church on this one; they're not banning you from the park, they're banning your dog from a Church event. They didn't kick you out during the event, they let you be until the end, and then asked you not to bring the dog back for the next one. That seems entirely reasonable to me.

The issue isn't necessarily with you or your particular dog, but the possibility that, once people see dogs are welcome, less responsible owners with less well-behaved dogs are going to show up, with the expected results. Or, it could be a responsible owner with a well-behaved dog that has never been around that many people at once, and starts acting up out of anxiety. Or, it could be two responsible owners with two well-behaved dogs that just don't like each other, and have to be kept at opposite corners the entire time. The upside (a few nice doggies which make the kids happy) is outweighed by the downside (total chaos with bloodied kids, lost dogs, poop-encrusted shoes, and endless lawsuits).

Furthermore, it's easy to make accommodations for a single dog, but difficult if there are a more; what happens when everybody starts showing up with their pets? If you have two dozen dogs, what do you do with the people with allergies, or dog phobias, or small children that don't know how to greet a dog? Do you have to divide the picnic into dog-free and dog-friendly zones? It kind of ruins the point of the picnic if you've got the Berlin Wall running through the middle of the grounds. Eventually the people who don't like dogs will stop showing up - which, again, ruins the point of the church social.

Dog misbehaves = Dog banned. Dog behaves = Dog welcomed back.

I don't think it's hard. IMO, people just don't want to do the work so they just ban everything instead of taking dogs as the individuals that they are and judging their behavior accordingly.
The problem with this is that it requires having a dog misbehave. The idea here is to avoid the situation from the start.

I think that on these boards, we sometimes make the mistaken assumption that (1) everyone loves dogs as much as we do, and (2) everybody is as responsible as we are. All it takes is one less-than-vigilant owner, and it's all downhill from there.
81 - 82 of 82 Posts