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My dog has become reactive to certain breeds?!?

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Please help! I’ve done research online and can’t find much information about this. My medium sized mixed breed dog has developed reactivity to basset hounds, very specific to basset hounds. Most dogs I can hold her attention and keep her looking at me, but today we were walking and she saw a basset hound across the street and went absolutely nuts. We used to live on the beach where she would be off leash and she attacked a basset hound out of nowhere before I knew she was reactive to them. If we ever see one she goes absolutely nuts and I have no idea what to do. Usually I can tell what makes her tick but this is a new development and she’s never had a negative interaction with one before so I don’t know why this is happening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Other than this she is great on the leash and with other dogs. As she gets older she can’t go to dog parks because she gets overwhelmed but the basset hound thing is something I just don’t understand. Please help! I’m
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Treat it the same as any reactivity, there is plenty of information out there pertaining to training a reactive dog. I like a group on facebook called Balancing Reactivity.

Behaviors directed at specific breeds is absolutely a thing and fairly common. I see it all the time at my kennel jobs, we have had many dogs who had to be kept away from certain breeds. For example, many english Bulldogs often dont like other Bulldogs. More commonly we see breed preferences, we have had a GSD who insisted on being friends with every single Frenchie who came in. My APBT loves any and all Huskies despite being DA.
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