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  • My dog Harley whom is a 3 year old black lab is a great faithful 4 legged companion in my life.Did get him as a puppy through a good breeder.It was 2 months after I had to put my last black lab down.Met at the breeders house and he was the first one that came up to me.Harley was 4 months old at the time.Got my attention and sniffed my left hand,saw I liked him and picked him up.It was an easy decision,told the breeder I wanted him.Said ok and did the paperwork which went through all the way.Two days later,brought him home.Followed me around getting used to his new home.I co own an auto repair shop and knew he would be a great shop dog.Brought him to work,became a good shop dog.Stayed in my work area in one spot watching me.Good thing is my employees know to clean up antifreeze messes right away.He knows in the morning he comes to work with me laying in the back seat of my 2020 Ram 1500.Harley is very much spoiled rotten,knows a couple good customers that give him a dog treat very well.Smart dog on Thursdays when he sees my Snap On tool dealer come in,does recognize his tool truck.Comes in the tool truck with me where he gets a dog treat there from my Snap On tool dealer whom has a great compassion for dogs.I have no problem with the dog treats,have signs saying not to feed him people food which does work​
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