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My Dog had tooth extraction yesterday

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My Dog had 10 teeth removed yesterday
When he was collected he was obviously groggy and disoriented which is obviously normal I would assume from the Anaesthetic. Anyhow he came home but the vet wanted us to make sure he pees at a certain point during the day which he did and drink plenty of water. 24hrs on he’s still sort of Groggy and Small but disoriented but he’s still not eating yet and vomited twice since once in the night and another awhile ago which I’m hoping is something to do with the anaesthetic I’m just wondering if him not eating yet is anything to be worried about or is it normal for him not being eating anything as of yet.

I should add he’s also moving around a lot
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Keep in contact with your vet... ask these questions there.

However.. consider this. He had ten!!! Teeth extracted... That is a LOT of dental work. How eager would anyone (including a dog) be to eat after that!! The pain might make him nauseous as well.

Do ask your vet if what you are observing is normal.
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