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My dog got attacked while on our walk last night and is injured

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I was just finishing up my walk last night with Ozzy my 17 pound Australian Terrier when I spotted a couple of people with two off leash dogs in the grass off the side walk. I was almost home and I live in a condo complex so this was one of the grassy areas. There are leash laws here so nobody should have been off leash. Well out of nowhere one of the dogs which looked like possibly an American Bulldog or some kind of bulldog or pitt mix came barreling at us.

The owner of the dog actually started screaming Oh sh*t in a panicky voice like he knew this was bad. If you know this about your dog HOW CAN YOU HAVE IT OFF LEASH? I am normally calm when a dog runs up but this was different, I freaked and started yelling to get his dog but it was too late he grabbed Ozzy and was tearing into him. I was really screaming by now to get his dog off and somehow he did. Ozzy was shaken up but he looked ok and so after mumbling sorry several times the guy just walked off quickly. I did not chase him down because I was in shock but I can't believe he just walked off.

I put Ozzy down to try and walk home and he could not walk. I carried him home and he had a couple of punctures on his belly. I took him to the vet and spent several hours there while they worked on him. Now he has a tube in him and stiches with the e-collar and two different meds. He is a shell of himself and won't walk. He has not eaten any food or had any water in 24 hours. I think I need to call the vet back because they said he should eat last night.

I am just sick and have already shelled out 1k. I know what building this guy lives in but not what apartment. Should I call animal control? it is of course his word against mine, do I have any chance of getting my costs covered?

And poor Ozzy..
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Thank you Inga..

I am planning to call AC and I probably should not have waited so long but I was in the vet all night and then working all day today. I am still working till 6 but then I will be calling the vet back and calling AC. If they are closed then first thing tomorrow. Maybe they can find the man if I give them the building..I am not much up for confrontation.

And this goes beyond vet bills, I had plans for a business trip and my mom was going to watch Ozzy but now he cannot be there because her dog will not leave him alone (They love to play) so I am going to have to board him at the vet. I have a normal doggy daycare but no playing and he is injured so he will have to live in a cage for two days. And that is added $$

I do want this man to pay for being so stupid. I love dogs and I always defend those kinds of breeds but people should not own them that don't know how to handle them. It blows my mind it was off leash!!

And it was traumatic too. Ozzy is suffering and I am still stressed out and shaken up 24 hours later. That's why I had to come here and vent...
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Hi All

Just got back from the vet again. Ozzy was dehydrated and having problems with the antibiotics he was on. He has been super lethargic today and is back in his bed now after getting some fluids.

I drove by the building of the owner today and wrote down the number. I just don't know which apartment he is in but that was a great idea to check with the board since all dogs here are required to be registered. I own my unit but some people rent and if he is a renter I am not sure how much the board can do but I will definitely contact them. I had never even thought of that...

I am calling AC first thing tomorrow morning too. Now that I am getting over my stress I am getting mad..

And I am not against any breed. I blame the owner not the dog. I only named the breed and my dog's breed so you could get an idea of the size difference. Also some breeds have stronger personalities and need an owner who knows what they are doing and this guy just didn't.. that's what makes me so furious.

Another question, do you think my dog could become dog aggresive from this?
He had an incident last year at the dog park where a great dane chased him and scared him but he has been totally fine ever since. This was just so much worse and I am really nervous it might affect his personality. He goes to doggy daycare and is best friend's with my mother's dog and I just want him to stay as sweet as he is.
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I called AC and they took a report. Now they say they will talk to the guy but first I have to figure out where he leaves. Contacting the condo association was a great suggestion! I did that this morning and they are looking into and going to try to find out who the owner is. Everyone is required to register their dog here but of course this guy may have just skipped that part :mad:

Hopefully I can find out who he is and hopefully he does the right thing and reimburses me for the vet bills.

Ozzy is doing a little better, not great but more perky than yesterday. I think he will be okay with other dogs, there was one at the vet and he wagged his tail at it, it was the most life I had seen out of him all day so hopefully that is a good sign. I just don't want him to become fearful or aggresive in any way. Right now he is the biggest sweetheart.
Hi Guys!

Ozzy is doing a lot better today so that is good news! He is getting back to his fiesty self and I am having trouble keeping him from being too active (no activity for two weeks). I finally got a good look at all his wounds today. He would freak out when I tried to get near his belly yesterday but since his personality is seeming more normal today he let me roll him over and take a look. It's pretty bad, there are a lot more than I realized. The vet gave him several stiches and a tube to drain fluids out of the worst one. I just got so mad. I am glad I reported this guy today and I am glad the condo association is going to help me. I probably will threaten to take it to court if he doesn't pay. I just have this bad feeling he won't want to pay bc of the way he just walked off afterwards. He acted like it was no big deal. He made a show of scolding his dog and never asked how my dog was. And yeah it WASN'T the dog's fault it was his but he screamed at it and hit it so that tells you what kind of owner he is...

When I said that about his word against mine that is what I meant- that he seems like someone who might try to lie and not take responsibility. There were no witnesses except his gf and she didn't ask about my dog either but was more worried about theirs.

I am with you max's human I feel sorry for the dog and trust me I am a dog lover and do not want to see the dog pay but the human pay.

I am going to do everything to make him pay though, before I was upset and worried about Ozzy now I am just MAD.

And like one poster said- this dog ran from far away just to get to us and attack Ozzy. It was probably 40 -50 feet. It's so freaking scary to see a dog that much larger than yours coming at you and the owner screaming "oh sh*t" as he chases it...
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I'm sorry about your dog and Cheetahs boyfriend's dog. I just read her post, too.

I don't get why it's so hard for some people to keep their dogs leashed. I don't care if the dog was super friendly, it's a safety thing for everyone involved.

Your dog can have a 99 percent bombproof recall, but that one time he doesn't and there's going to be a car, a bigger dog, something. Anything.

Jeeze. Why risk it?
I am so with you on this! My dog has a 99% bombproof recall but I never take him out (even just for a quick pee) without leash because what about the one time he spots a squirrel or other small rodent he wants to chase and takes off into the street. He is a terrier and I know this about him.. that's why I am so mad.. bc the owner should take some responsibility for what happened.

So I think I wrote about how I had a bad feeling about this owner and that it would be his word vs mine. I had that feeling bc of the fact he walked away afterwards and never asked how Ozzy was. I was way too shaken up at the time to pursue him or even think about it.

Today I went and knocked on doors in his buiding and found him. What transpired is just unbelievable... he denied everything and said Ozzy attacked his dog first. He said his dog just wanted to play.. I was like okay well even if that is true your dog was loose and mine was on a leash and we were just walking and minding our own business. He said well my dog weighs 80 pounds and when it wants to run it runs, it is not my fault it is the dog's fault, when an 80 pound dog takes off to go play it's hard to control, you cannot blame me it was the dog's fault.

I then went on to say well the bottom line is, it is your dog, and you need to be in control of it. He continued his argument over and over about how the dog got loose and it is nobody's fault it just happened and I needed to accept it and move on. His gf came outside and said "f$%king get over sh*t happens!" and then slammed the door in our faces. He was still outside and we continued our discussion. I said well I am here bc I have 1k in vet bills are you going to help pay and he said his dog was hurt too and he took his dog to the vet 3 times already, with the economy the way it was he just could not afford both. I asked what was wrong with his dog and to see the bills and he said he did not have them there (even though he was at his home). I asked for a ballpark figure of his bills and he said he didn't know because his gf took the dog to the vet. I asked what was wrong with the dog and he said she had a scratch on her face (female dog but she weighed 80 pounds). I saw the dog when we came to the door... she tried to make a run outside and there were no visible injuries or scratches. I had brought my bf with me and he thinks this guy was lying about everything and they never took their dog to the vet. I had brought all my bills with me but he didn't want to see them and refused to look at them. They were incredibly defensive and rude to me and nothing he said made any sense.

I finally was like ok we are not going to agree now so take some time to think about what you might want to contribute to my bills and I will call you in two days. He gave me his name and number but I have no clue if it was a real phone number (he had trouble remembering it as he recited it).

Either way I have his exact address now and I called animal control back as soon as I left to finish my report. I really am planning to file a civil suit. This guy is unbelievable and doesn't even deserve to own a dog.

I am pissed... and sorry just coming here to vent again and give an:mad: update
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