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my dog eating cat feces

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last night I took my dog to a friends house and she has a few cats. Rhoda took a piece of the cats feces and just held it in her mouth. I got it from her before she could eat it. a friend of mine told me to get her some kind of supplement because if she wants to eat it that means she has a vitamin deficiency. he said i could get the supplement from walmart. I'm not really sure if this is necessary because this was the first time i saw her do this so she was probably just curious rather than really wanting to eat it. anyone thoughts about this? also the supplement?
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Cat food is very high in protein. So the cat poop is very high in protein = dog is interested.

If you don't have a cat at home I wouldn't worry. IF you do haeva litter box at home then just put it in a place where the dog can't get it...put a baby gate across the laundry room for instance.
All dog love the cookies out of the cat box. My only concerns would be if te cats were outside cats and able to pick up parasites and possibly spread that to your pup who eats the cruchy cat turds. :p But if you pup is on a monthly heartworm preventative, most have an intestinal dewormer in them too. I wouldn't be too concernd.
It's just something dogs do. I guess cat poop tastes really good to a dog. I don't think it means your dog has a dietary deficiency. She was just having a snack :p .
At my house, we call them Doggy Snowcaps.
haha thanks guys, i feel much better... kitty mcnuggets lol :)
"almond roca" here!
Be very carefull about her getting into litter because it can have toxoplasmosis in it. Lots of people and dogs can ingest the bacteria and never get sick but it can also make them very sick and cause death. I had a 5 month old siberian husky pass from this after being sick for a month.
here we call it "shake and bake" ...just move the cat box :)
"Doggy-Truffles" at my house!
I've heard that when dogs are eating feces of any kind (dog, cat, bird, turtle, etc) it means that their diet is lacking something. Possibly protien like someone mentioned above. Try finding a dog food that is higher in protien like the person above suggested.
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