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I've heard my cousin's household is due to welcome an Airedale Terrier into their home. As such they've done their homework. I've sent them books on the breed, as well as the best dog training books The Art of Raising a Puppy and How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete (a New York Monastary who's clergymen are dog breeding/training experts. They typically work with GSDs). We (me, my parents, grandparents and uncle) used both books while raising our Malinois.

Let me digress and say in Filipino or Fil-Am households dogs tend to become communal and integral members of the 'pack' so to speak. So my Malinois has a welcome home even when I'm deployed.

My cousins are high school freshmen and both them and my uncle had been wanting a dog for sometime and were considering either a terrier or a hound. I was sure to advise them that terriers are high energy breeds, require a lot of exercise and company and the like. The exercise bit shouldn't be a problem, my cousins are fairly active and my uncle would walk him a lot. And companionship isn't an issue because at least one of them is at home at any given moment.

Are there any other concerns for terriers that live in the suburbs of California? They don't have a huge yard and the dog is intended to be an inside dog, living with his family.
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