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I miss my first Siberian Husky Copper soo much and it's been a little over a year since he passed away from old age.

My dad brought him home one day when I was in the first grade. He had seen him on the road and was afraid he was going to get ran over by a coal truck. I named him Copper after the dog on the Fox and the Hound. Even though my dad got him for the whole family Copper was MY dog. He was so loyal that when I went to stay with my grandmother (she lived right next door) overnight he'd sleep on the porch until I left to go home the next day.

He was around 15 years old and his passing came very suddenly because he was fine the day that it happend and was running around like a little puppy. We were shocked when our neighbor came to our house and had picked Copper up off of the road and told us that he had found him there and couldn't get him to respond. He hadn't been hit by a car or anything, he had went down to my aunt's house just down the road and just couldn't make it back home. He was the greatest and smartest dog I've ever seen and even though it makes me sad that he's gone now but I know that he lived a good life while he was with me and my family.


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