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My Buddy Percy

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This is my buddy Percy, named after the poet Percy Bysshe Shelly. I adopted him back in October from a nearby animal shelter and I am curious as to what breeds he maybe related to. He's a sweet, gentle dog who loves to play and is stubborn as an ox. He bullied me for my pillow the other night lol anyways, I figured someone here would recognize a breed in him that I haven't seen. I think he has some coyote in him from the way he runs, he bounces like a coyote and talks like one lol.

and here's a link to more pictures of him: http://s944.photobucket.com/albums/ad288/GreyHeartDeadSoul/Percy/
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Boston Terrier ears, Lab coat, cattle dog personality ???
LOL Please don't be offended but judging from that first pic I'd say part Llama! hehe
Beautiful pup, he looks happy to have you.
Well not only do I not know, I definitely don't even care. He does appear to be a keeper.
What a sweet face! I have no clue what he is other than totally gorgeous!
Schipperke mix (maybe with Chih)

See pics of schipperkes... http://www.google.com/search?q=ship...6EubJsQL51eSmCQ&ved=0CEYQsAQ&biw=1067&bih=500
Yup yup. That's what I was thinking.
thats what I've been thinking too actually lol and thank you everyone for the comments...
OMG, he is gorgeous! He looks a lot like a dog I was seriously thinking about adopting a while back, but unfortunately his mix was unknown as well. ;p I think he was listed as a rat terrier mix, though.
My vote goes to Schipperke mix as well.
thats the odd thing, I live in South MS and the Schipperke breed is pretty much unknown down here. I haven't heard of anyone who has one actually and I tend to check around because I love odd breeds for some reason.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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