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Tee - Border Collie mixed with ? - was adopted from a dog pound 3 1/2 years ago. He was scheduled to be PTS at 3 and I took him home at 2:30 (whew that was a close one) He loves my son, and he loves to work. He doesn't really care for people much, tho he will tolerate them!

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Dug- Golden Retriever, came from a rescue last fall. Super energetic, he's also my talker. His previous owner had fallen for the "cute golden puppy" but then couldn't handle him when he got big and naughty. He loves to play fetch, even when he's tuckered out! He hates baths tho.

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Joe - 100 % Purebred Mutt! recently adopted from our local Humane Society. I don't know much about his background as he was picked up as a stray. He, too, was scheduled to be PTS as he had been at the shelter for too long. Joe is such a happy guy, we are very lucky to have him!

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