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After our fourteen year old shelter dog mutt(Who we felt was mostly border collie) died, we got a pure bread Border Collie, after much convincing and research I did with my parents. Unfortunately, I am in college so do not have full ability to train him.

He is about 15 months old now and has begun to calm down and is much more of a submissive dog. I always felt he was an alpha dog, but because he is extremely affectionate and well, cute, it has been very difficult for my parents to show any discipline. He still leads on the leash.

Since a very early age, as a puppy, we heavily socialized him. I am worried too much, if there is such a thing. He always enjoyed playing with any dog and seemed to play very well. Very recently, he started growling at other dogs. It started with smaller dogs and now its with almost any dog he gets very close too. If another dog tries to sniff him, he will give a very bad snarl and will not play with it like he used to. For instance, there is a German Sheppard who lives near us about the same age, when they were both puppies, they played great. Now when they play, he will do a lot more snarling and nipping at the neck. His Border Collie instinct comes in and he will try to control the German Sheppard and he needs to be in front of it, and 'herd' the GS.

However, there is a Golden Retriever who lives right behind us and they play great. He is the only dog now that he will still play with without aggressive (or insecure?) growling. They have played almost every day since he was a puppy and they get along great.

Can anyone help me or have any suggestions on why he may have become insecure or aggressive towards other dogs. I can no longer take him too the dog park or beach because of his scary snarling. Should I have my parents seek a professional trainer? Apologies for the long post.
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