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My big Aussie

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My Aussie puppy is 17 weeks old and already weighs 40lbs. The vet says he’s 100% hearty healthy. This still seems to be much larger than any other 17 week old Aussie I’ve ever seen. He is AKC registered but recently I’ve seen pictures of Aussie-Bernese mountain dog mixes that look suspiciously like adult versions of my Groot. Is this a possible over sight or do I just have a big boy.
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Are you sure that's an accurate weight? According to the AKC standard, males are supposed to be 50 to 65 pounds, and seventeen weeks is just a bit over four months old.

If you have question about his parentage, contact the AKC. They will likely have the breeder do a DNA test to verify that his actual sire is the sire of record.
I’m 100% positive of the accuracy of the his weight. I weigh him personally every week, and we’ve had him at the vets for general care recently. When we purchased him, he was 10 weeks old and weighed 20lbs. I know and have seen make Aussies up to 80lbs, but at the rate Groot is growing, he will be there at 8 months. Like I said, the vet is saying he’s just a big boy.
I would check the AKC DNA 40 pounds at just over 4 months sounds rather big.
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