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Siam was as you may have guessed, a siamese cat. She came to me when I was 3 years old and lived a long and healthy life until she died last year at 17 years.

This cat woud follow me around the outback hills and desert where i would play as a child and bring home dangerous king brown snakes for mum. She saved my life on one occassion by fighting with one of these dangerous snakes when it bailed me up in the chook shed, she being bit in the process... she lived.

Eventually in her last year she declined rapidly over a week dying peacefully at the vets after a week in dads undie drawer. She showed no signs of age, no grey hair in her markings, not loss of spirit. Jeez I love that cat.

We had her cremated and she sits on our mantle.

She would hate my Bombay kitten Hugo-Mihn and my Kelpie Bill, she only tolerated my budgies Honey and Halo.
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