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My Baby Pixel

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This is my little baby, Pixel. Im a computer nerd, so the name 'Pixel' seemed appropriate:p

This is something i made a few moments ago of Pixel LOVIN' a McDonald's Junior Burger:) Figured i could make him his own little ad.

This is Pixel being rudely awakened by my 'Hot Biscuit Massage'.

The other McDonald's Pic

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Wow thats quite the McDonalds add you put together, looks like it took alot of time. Welcome to the forum. I love Pixels collar!
Thanks:) The ad took about an hour or so. I have been threatening for about 6 months to do it, but only REALLY got inspired when i found this forum.

Thanks for the welcome:)
Ha ha ha...cute Ad. Better be careful... ever seen the movie Supersize Me? LOL.
I especially like the eyes in the third picture. It looks he is is excited.
Oh trust me he was VERY excited! He usually gets a very possessed look going when there is good food in the vicinity.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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