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My babies!!!

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My 5 year old Keeschonden and my 9 week old Lab mix?? Dont really know what else the pup is.... Hope you like the pictures I have to take better ones and post them soon!


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How cute. I like the dog laying on the man (if that is you). My one dog really likes to get to the top of my husband and lay like that.
Lols No thats mu husband. The puppy laying on him is our 9 week old lab/husky mix we think....its a lab and something else. Hoping to figure it out soon. Thank you! I will post more when I take them. Yours look so adorable!
Definitely do!
Maybe because she is female but she does lay on him calmly for a long while but with me shell star chewing on my hair or gnaw at me till I start to play with her LOL.
:DYes kees are gorgeous! We just moved to our new place I dont have the pics in my lap top of my three together! I had two girls they were sisters and lived 15 healthy years! And were just beautiful! My boy has a silky coat which is thick and falls heavy the girls had more coarse fur and when groomed they looked like lions. We get them groomed to show standards I think Kees are an amazing breed of dogs. They dont have a sleepy lumbering moment at any age! I used to get followed around everywhere even the bathroom! They shed twice a year and when I say SHED thats what I mean I cant count how many vacumms I have destroyed sucking up another couple of dogs from my rugs:)

They live long healthy active lives! I have to admit I got the girls from a breeder my parents knew when I was 14(my first pets) and I wasnt very aware of the rescues and puppy mills problems we face and as I fell in love with them and pets in general I later got my boy from a local shelter who is 5 now when he was surrendered at 3 months for being "destructive"!!!:mad: OFCOURSE he was!! Puppies chew and gnaw because they are teething! Just redirect them to what they are allowed to chew on like bones and toys!

Well needless to say I am fan of Kees and pretty much any dog because I marvel at their ability to live in the moment. My goal in life to be more like them!:D Is that bad??? LOL Our pets are the meter by which to measure our instability. As a novice dog walker in my teen years I never understood the excessive barking and distrust my girls showed to people they encountered I later realized I WAS nervous walking them and was UNSURE of how to let them approach people. When I became more confident their behaviour also improved. So I realized they were a projection of me. I love my babies!
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They look so cute.. Second pic, got tired from playing with the toy, huh ? :)
Lols Yes she did I loved how she can stretch out like that!
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