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Since my last thread was oh so rudely closed by someone who takes their modding way too seriously. (EXCUUUSEEEE me for creating a thread asking what someone might think! I was just curious to know if anyone had experienced anything similar with their own dog, it was too late to call my vet at that hour. JHC! No one said I'd take it as a veterinary diagnosis, lol. I didn't notice the apparent emphasis on "DIAGNOSED CONDITIONS ONLY DISCUSSION" in the forum description.)


My dog has a slight fever at 104º, as diagnosed by my vet early this A.M. This is what was causing his leg to shake, apparently.

He is now taking two children's aspirins @ 80mg for the next couple of days and eating baby food, as prescribed by my vet. I'm hoping my sweet angel will feel better soon.

I knew he wasn't himself. Just wanted to update. :)
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