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My 8LB dog swallowed a 4 in bully stick, should I be worried? We were doing a time lapse of her chewing it and it was just gone in a matter of seconds...

We called the vet and they said she would be OK, however I am still a bit worried - is this something your small dog does?
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Not more than once - after my puppy swallowed his first big hunk of bully stick (and puked it up not long after), he wasn't allowed bully sticks for some time unless they had a clamp fastened down real tight on one end. I used just a regular hand clamp, but you can also buy 'bully stick holders' that serve the same function - the dog can't attempt to swallow the end and has to keep chewing. Now that he's older, my boy is better about chewing them properly instead of horking them down, so he can have them 'naked' if supervised.

I'd just keep an eye on your pup. I would not be surprised if she's uncomfortable for a while or outright throws the bully stick back up, but don't hesitate to call your vet back if she seems really distressed or is showing signs of a blockage.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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